New technology to support the development and breakthrough of dense oil

8 2, from Qinghai oilfield and Qinghai national division of joint research in the Qaidam Basin "Zaha springs tight oil well logging evaluation technology" successfully passed the final acceptance of shares of the company, so far, Qinghai oilfield tight oil and add "killer" technology. Zaha spring is the first tight oil block discovered in the […]

City tax bureau to convey the spirit of learning in the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Centra

November 17th, the municipal land tax bureau held a special session of the central group will be invited to teach Guo Yunfu, head of the provincial delegation to study the guidance of the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee 11 17, 2009, the municipal land tax bureau held […]

42 network media feel the rapid development of Qinghai

The mysterious beauty of Kumbum Monastery, in the scent of the flowers, the world of the Yellow River Menyuan Qing Guide…… Let the beauty of many 42 network media visitors. In July 15th, the "Sanjiang" Qinghai image folk group came to the largest salt lake in Qinghai Lake, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, blue […]

National green manure Development Forum held in Xining

August 16th to 20, the national green manure Development Forum held in Xining. The conference was organized by the Institute of agricultural resources and agricultural regionalization, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qinghai University, Gansu Academy of agricultural sciences. From the national green manure special 21 provinces (cities, districts), the 39 units of the subject or […]

Experts in Qinghai to seize the opportunity to feel the pulse

In May 16th, sponsored by the Chinese International Trade Center, Chinese International Economic Exchange Promotion Committee, Qinghai new millennium group hosted the The Belt and Road "western city commercial development forum held at the Qinghai Convention Center Hall 1000. One of the most brilliant stars of the day’s summit, he is a well-known economist – […]

Increase the province’s economic development personnel training

economic development is inseparable from the promotion of talent, in recent years, the province’s social and economic development by leaps and bounds, and the introduction of human resources are inseparable. Reporter in August 18th from the provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that the province will continue to promote the reform of […]

12358 to build a new platform for price reporting

for the convenience of the masses in the first time to report the price, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, the city district has launched the first 12358 call price reporting platform, by creating a new service platform, the implementation of price reporting comprehensive, diversified, won the praise of the masses. The platform is built […]